Project Description

We are delighted to be able to offer this beautiful 1972 Triumph GT6 MK III to the market.


Year Body Transmission Mileage Exterior Colour Interior Colour Price
1972 Coupe Manual TBA Red Black € 18,500


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Car History

The beautiful Triumph GT6 is a 6-cylinder fastback version of the Spitfire. It was styled by the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti and produced over 7 years from 1966 to 1973.

Mk3 was really the Mk2 with the new nose and chopped-off tail of the Spitfire MkIV, and ran parallel with the four-cylinder car. Still with 104bhp and 110mph top speed, but now with re-profiled rear quarter window shapes and smarter standard wheels. Facia and seating re-touched, though no increase in space was possible. Minor visual changes for 1973, and ‘lower-wishbone’ rear end abandoned in favor of the Spitfire’s ‘swing-spring’ – without noticeable loss of roadholding power. In the UK, though, the Mk3 was the best of this family.

Engine power and torque for the Mk III is similar to the Mk II, but better aerodynamics led to a new top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h) and a 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) time of 10.1 seconds. Performance was now comfortably ahead of the MGB GT, which reached about 105 mph (169 km/h) and 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in approximately 13 seconds. Fuel economy was also improved to 28 mpg.


According to the paperwork to hand, this 1972 Triumph GT6 was first registered in 1972 in the UK.

In the paperwork we found MOT certs from 1995 to 2013.

53,214 – 16.02.1995

87,344 – 12.06.2013

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+353 (0)66 9768863