Project Description

We are delighted to be able to offer this beautiful 1965 Triumph TR4A IRS to the market.


Year Body Transmission Mileage Exterior Colour Interior Colour Price
1965 Convertible Manual TBA Red Black  SOLD


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Car History

The Triumph TR4A IRS was first registered in July 1965 and was exported from England to Holland in July 1976.

In Holland the owner undertook a very comprehensive restoration of the car with photographic evidence of the process.

The last owner purchased the car in 2009 and only put up 2000 miles in the 14 years of ownership.

His inhouse mechanic looked after the car and maintained the car to a very high standard.

Invoices in the history fille are evidence of this.

The car is fitted with an electronic ignition system and was converted to telescopic shock absorbers.

The milometer currently reads just over 80,000 miles.

The last owner maintained that he is the third keeper of the car.

This sounds very plausible but can’t be verified.

This TR4A is a lovely car to drive and is in great condition, there is absolutely nothing to be done to the car and she can be enjoyed eminently.

The Triumph TR4A IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) is a classic sports car produced by the British manufacturer Triumph from 1965 to 1967. It is a variant of the Triumph TR4, featuring a redesigned rear suspension system for improved handling and ride comfort.

The TR4A IRS was the first TR model to feature an independent rear suspension system. This upgrade was designed to enhance the car’s road handling and ride comfort compared to the earlier TR4’s live rear axle.

The TR4A IRS is powered by a 2.1-liter inline-four-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of producing around 104 horsepower, providing respectable performance for a sports car of its time.

The TR4A retained the classic styling of the TR4, featuring a sleek, sporty design with a distinctive front grille and a convertible soft-top roof. It has a two-seat layout with comfortable and supportive bucket seats.

The asking price is €31,950 but we are open to sensible offers.






+353 (0)66 9768863