Hardi Fuel pump 18812V (12V / from 100hp)


Works in most classic Ford cars along with Chevy II and Chrysler cars and Mustangs over 100hp


Hardi fuel Pumps timeless classic auto parts

The electrical HARDI Fuel Pump is a diaphragm pump. Opposed to mechanical fuel pumps it has its own propulsion (an electric motor or a solenoid coil), which ensures a smooth functioning independent of the engine.

All HARDI-Pumps have a special control system that enables the adaption of the pumping capacity to the consumption of the engine. This means, it will pump fast at high consumption, slow or not at all at low consumption and therefore a great deal of energy is saved (flexible stroke frequency).


18812 12V / 100hp


Hardi fuel pumps timeless classic auto parts

Hardi fuel pumps timeless classic auto parts