Jaguar E-Type Series 2 Convertible RHD 1969


1969 Jaguar E Type for sale pristine classics


We are delighted to offer this stunning 1969 Jaguar E Type Series 2 for sale. This car was fully restored by us and has only been driven less than 500 miles since full restorations.

Here at Pristine Classics we strive to bring classic cars back to their former glory. Each car is completed to the highest standard with the help of modern technology to ensure that it is both a drivable and enjoyable investment.



Restoration work


This was a complete restoration of the Jaguar E-Type that included all external bodywork (removing all rusted sections of the body and replacing those sections). This included brightwork and a full re-painting. Including engine work, transmission, steering and suspension, electrical and instrumentation work and interior trim and upholstery.

All parts were sourced using specialist suppliers and where parts were obsolete and no longer available they were fabricated in-house.

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Engine and Transmission:


The engine was fully rebuilt including


  • New inlet and exhaust valves
  • Main shell bearings
  • Big end shell bearings
  • New pistons (oversized if necessary)
  • Timing chain and hydraulic dampener
  • Oil pump
  • Rear oil seal conversion
  • Hardened valve seats for the use of unleaded petrol
  • A new water pump
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • A new high output alternator
  • A high torque starter
  • Aluminium radiator
  • Upgraded electric cooling fans with inline thermostat switch
  • Electronic ignition
  • Harmonic Crankshaft Damper Conversion




Steering and Suspension:


All related components were dismantled, cleaned, stripped and re-painted. Every nut, bolt, bushing and bearing was either reconditioned or replaced with new parts. Polyurethane bushes were used throughout. Four new back springs and shock absorbers and front shock absorbers were also fitted.





New brake discs were fitted throughout with the upgrade of ventilated disks and four pot callipers in front and reconditioned callipers at the back. The brake servo and servo tank were also fitted with new parts and all brake pipes and connections were replaced with new ones.


Fuel System:


All new fuel pipes as well as a new fuel tank and an upgraded electronic SU fuel pump were fitted.



Heating System:


All pipe work (metal and rubber) were replaced with new pipes and a new heater matrix and motor was fitted.


Wheels and Tyres:

  • New hubs
  • New chrome wire wheels J6 x15 fitted with 207/70 VR 15 96 V tyres
  • A basic tool kit and spare wheel will be included



5.5.      Electrical and Instrumentation Work


All electrical and instrumentation work were reconditioned and a new wiring harness was fitted throughout. New head lights with H4 bulbs and integrated parking lights were also fitted.




5.6.      Interior Trim and Upholstery


The interior of the car was insulated with sound and heat resisting matting. The upholstery was done in real leather, colour and specifications were agreed on with the client.


5.7.      Non original upgrades included


  • 5 speed gearbox
  • Aluminium radiator
  • Upgraded cooling fan
  • Four pot callipers with vented disks in front
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Polyurethane bushings were fitted all around
  • Stainless steel braided brake hoses
  • Moto-Lita steering wheel
  • New deep dish wire wheel fitted with 205/70 R15 tyres
  • Power steering
  • Electronic Ignition
  • High torque starter
  • Upgraded handbrake compensator
  • Throttle Cable Conversion
  • Harmonic Crankshaft Damper