Jaguar MK II 3.8, 1961

jaguar MK II pristine-classics

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We are delighted to be able to offer this beautiful 1961 Jaguar MK II 3.8 RHD for sale.


The Mark 2 was a fast and capable saloon in line with Sir William Lyons’ 1950s advertising slogan: Grace, Space, Pace.


In the early days the Mark 2 gained a reputation as a capable car among criminals and law enforcement alike. The 3.8 litre model being particularly fast “0 to 60mph (97km/h) in 8.5 seconds”,


5 seats made it a popular choice as a getaway car. They were also driven by the police force when patrolling British motorways and appeared in many films and television series over the years. In the Rivers of London (novel) series (2011-present), Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale, the last officially sanctioned English wizard, drives a Mark 2 (3.8 litre engine). The main character, Police Constable Peter Grant, is forbidden from driving it after he deliberately drives an ambulance into the River Thames.

The car on offer here has been through a nut and bolt restoration by us and is in pristine condition. We have done extensive work to the chassis, removing all rusted sections and given the car a re-spray in its original gunmetal grey colour. The engine also underwent a complete rebuild and runs very well. A 5-speed gearbox was fitted as well as upgraded Coopercraft brakes in front and electric power steering. In the interior of the car, all woodwork has been re-veneered and re-lacquered. Newly upholstered XJ6 seat (driver seat electric) with headrest front and back and new carpets were fitted making this a very comfortable and elegant car.

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Here at Pristine Classics we strive to bring classic cars back to their former glory. Each car is completed to the highest standard with the help of modern technology to ensure that it is both a drivable and enjoyable investment. </



Restorations of the Jaguar Mk II 3.8 litre

External Body Work

Rust affected areas of the vehicle body were cut out and replaced with new panels. The bright work was very good and only the front and back bumpers needed to be re-chromed. Lightly Green tinted glass was  fitted to the car.

Re-spray Paintwork

The vehicle was re-sprayed in its original colour Opalescent Gunmetal Grey. The vehicles’ interior, exterior as well as the underneath were fully re-sprayed.

Engine and Transmission:
The engine underwent a complete rebuild which included
• A set of new +20 pistons
• Main shell bearings
• Big end shell bearings
• crank seal conversion kit
• Oil pump
• Water pump
• Hardened valve seats (for the use of unleaded petrol)
• Core plugs
• Timing chain
• Stainless steel exhaust
• Electronic Ignition
• New alternator
• A 5-speed Getrag gearbox including new pressure plate and clutch disk

Steering and Suspension:
• Hydraulic Power Steering unit of a Jaguar 420 fitted
• All new shock absorbers and springs
• A Harvey Bailey handling kit was fitted (upgraded front anti-roll bar and anti-roll bar for the rear)
• All related components were dismantled, cleaned, stripped and re-painted
• Every nut, bolt, bushing and bearing were either reconditioned or replaced with new parts

• New Coppercraft brakes (four pot callipers in front and upgraded pistons at the rear)
• New brake lines and stainless steel flexible hoses are fitted.
• A new upgraded brake servo (3-1 ratio) was fitted

Fuel System:
• All new fuel pipes and the original SU carburettors were completely rebuilt

Heating System:
• All pipe work (metal and rubber) were replaced

Wheels and Tyres:
• Chrome wire wheels with Michelin tyres

Electrical and Instrumentation Work

All electrical and instrumentation work was checked and where needed replaced or reconditioned and a new wiring harness with a separate hazard warning light system will be fitted throughout the vehicle.

Interior Trim and Upholstery

All woodwork has been re-veneered and re-lacquered using modern technologies New upholstery and carpeting were put in.