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1968 Jaguar Series 1.5 OTS

1968 Jaguar Series 1.5 OTS

This Jaguar Series 1.5 Open Two Seater (OTS) received several notable enhancements to elevate its overall performance and driving experience. These upgrades included the installation of a 5-speed gearbox, a feature that not only expanded the range of gear ratios for improved acceleration and highway cruising but also contributed to smoother and more efficient shifts. In addition to the gearbox, the inclusion of power steering enhanced manoeuvrability and ease of control, ensuring a more effortless and enjoyable driving experience.


Furthermore, the vehicle’s braking system was enhanced with upgraded front brakes, delivering enhanced stopping power and responsiveness for increased safety and performance. To address cooling needs, a deep-core aluminium radiator, in combination with upgraded fans, was installed to regulate engine temperature effectively, especially under strenuous conditions, contributing to the engine’s longevity and optimal performance.


Modernizing the ignition system, the car was equipped with electronic ignition, a technology that significantly improved ignition timing accuracy and overall engine efficiency. The addition of a high-torque starter further ensured reliable and swift engine cranking, ensuring a dependable and quick start, even in challenging conditions.


These thoughtful enhancements collectively transformed this Jaguar Series 1.5 OTS into a high-performing and enjoyable classic sports car, delivering a superior driving experience with improved gear flexibility, manoeuvrability, safety, and engine performance.


The E-Type Series 1.5 OTS retained the breath-taking and iconic design of the E-Type, which featured long, sweeping lines, a low-slung profile, and a distinctive front end with covered headlamps. The Series 1.5 featured some design updates, including a larger grille, repositioned front indicators, and new bumpers.


The Series 1.5 was offered with two engine options. The 4.2-liter inline-six-cylinder engine was carried over from the Series 1, but improvements were made to its torque. There was also a 2+2 version available with a V12 engine. The Series 1.5 OTS was known for its powerful and smooth performance.


The Series 1.5 E-Type OTS is a highly sought-after classic car, cherished for its timeless design and performance capabilities. It remains a symbol of British automotive excellence and is often featured at classic car shows and in the collections of passionate Jaguar enthusiasts.


The asking price is €102,500.00  but we are open to sensible offers.

















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