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1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

Embark on an exclusive opportunity with our original 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV, currently in the midst of a meticulous and thorough restoration. At present, the restoration process is temporarily on hold. This unique circumstance, however, presents an exciting proposition for classic car enthusiasts.

An opportunity to take the reins of this classic masterpiece in its raw, authentic state – a captivating ‘AS IS’ condition. Alternatively, envision the culmination of this restoration to your precise desires; we offer the flexibility to tailor the finishing touches to the new owner’s specifications. This isn’t merely an opportunity to purchase a car; it’s an invitation to become part of its restoration narrative.

As we navigate the restoration journey, we welcome you to seize the reins and shape the destiny of this 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV. Whether you prefer the allure of its current vintage appeal or wish to infuse it with your distinctive vision, the power to make this classic your own is on offer.


For more information or to express your interest, please contact us.

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