Classic and Vintage car restorations


Here at pristine classics we love classic and vintage cars and we treat all of them as if they were our own.

We can take your beloved classic or vintage car and return her to her original pristine state.

Rusted Jaguar E type

From rust

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Convertible LHD 1962 Pristine ClassicsJaguar E-Type Series 1 Convertible LHD 1962 Pristine Classics

During the


Jaguar E Type Pristine Classics

To Pristine



Spanners Pristine Classics

The quality of our work here at Pristine Classics is of utmost importance to us.

While a car is undergoing restoration we carry out regular checks to ensure that the car is receiving the highest standard of work possible.

During the process, we document all the various stages of our work with photography. We also maintain contact with our clients providing them with all the information they need during the restorations.

No job is too big for our excellent team of welders, mechanics and bodywork professionals, they all have had many years of experience working on these classic and vintage cars.


We offer professional paintwork for your classic and vintage car. We use high-quality paints and use a process called colour sanding to give the paint job a near glass finish.


Rebuilt Moters Pristine Classics

We have skilled mechanics that have many years of experience working with classic and vintage cars. Allow us to get your precious vehicle on the road again. Contact us by filling out the form below or give us a call on +353 (0)66 976 8863

Complete Restorations

Jaguar etype rusted Pristine classics Restorations

No job is too big with our highly trained welders, mechanics and bodywork professionals. We excel at bringing these classic cars back to life.

Our Portfolio

We thrive in finding the most desirable vintage and classic cars to bring them back to their former glory.

We have put together a portfolio of restorations we have completed with pictures of before, during and after the restoration process.

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Our highly skilled mechanics get your car up and running with ease.

Body Work

No job is too small, for our skilled welders and body work staff


We have a full paint shop with highly trained staff for that perfect finish.

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